Why is this conference special?

The 2051 Munich Climate Conference is an academic symposium and an art project at the same time. The key differences to common conferences are:

  1. Papers presented at this conference have an imagined future as their starting point. Since the conferences mandate is to analyse knowledge and discourses of our present, the papers are thus expected to combine science and speculation, fact and fabulation.
  2. As a future symposium, it is open to the general public. All participants thus face the challenge to present their work in a way that is accessible to the interested visitor.  
  3. A future conference works with formats that are different from today’s. We are developing them in close cooperation with scientists, researchers, and scholars and inform participants about the plans sufficiently early.
  4. Virtual participation is equally valued (we do not accept participants traveling by plane). We are developing ways to give the physical and the virtual room the same relevance.
  5. Artists are creating the conference environment. Expect an immersive and inspiring surrounding.