What is the 2051 Munich Climate Conference?

The 2051 Munich Climate Conference is a gathering of scientists, researchers, and scholars concerned about the challenge of anthropogenic climate change. It is conceptualized and organized by a group of researchers and independent artists around the Büro Grandezza theatre collective. The conference uses a fictional setting to look back from an imagined future – the […]

What is the purpose of this website?

This website is meant to answer questions around the call for papers and the 2051 Munich Climate Conference. If you don’t find answers to your questions around the project here, do not hesitate to contact us: mail[at]munich2051.org. A conference website will follow in early 2021.

Where can I find the Call for Papers?

You just found it 🙂 Call for Papers The 2051 Munich Climate Conference “Science fact and speculative fabulation need each other.” (Donna J. Haraway) Imagine it’s 2051. You are at the “2051 Munich Climate Conference”, an academic symposium organized by “The Department”, a future institution. The conference aims to understand the scientific knowledge and discourses […]

Why is this conference special?

The 2051 Munich Climate Conference is an academic symposium and an art project at the same time. The key differences to common conferences are: Papers presented at this conference have an imagined future as their starting point. Since the conferences mandate is to analyse knowledge and discourses of our present, the papers are thus expected […]

How can I write a serious paper when my starting point is fictional?

We discussed this question with many scientists, researchers, and scholars before we started the project. Surprisingly, many found the particular perspective the 2051 Munich Climate Conference offers quite attractive. We learned that speculative elements are part of many forms of scientific and academic work.

Will expenses for travel and accommodation be covered?

Our funding does not have a budget included to cover travel expenses and accommodation of participants. But our team is still acquiring additional funds. We are optimistic that we will be able to provide support for those in need. If your ability to participate in the conference depends on a coverage of expenses, please let […]

Why 2051?

A vast part of today’s political planning focusses on the year 2050. In 2051, all this will be history – a good time to look back at today.

Who is Büro Grandezza?

The project is planned and realized by a group of scholars and independent artists around the Büro Grandezza theatre collective.

What is the Bellevue di Monaco?

The Bellevue di Monaco is a residential and cultural centre for refugees and neighbours in the heart of Munich, Germany. The city had planned to tear down the three buildings and it was likely that luxury apartments would have been built. After protests of a civil society movement, a social cooperative was founded. The buildings […]

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